Calcaneus, os calcis or the heel-bone is the sturdiest bone of the foot.The ankle bone (astragalus) is saddled over the heel bone, and both actually support the entire weight of the body any time you are on your feet.

The heel bone forms the back part of the foot arch (pasterior arch). If you get in the habit of walking flat on the hell  bone, without rocking yourself slightly forward to transfer the body weight to the front of the foot at every step, the arches will flatten out and you will suffer more and more from all the disagreeable symptoms of the flat feet.

Make your step springy, not stiff.Incidentally, that is why the shoe should be as flexible as the foot.

Wearing an uncomfortable shoe and standing too much on the feet will sometimes cause an enlarged, painful bursa to form back of the heel bone.Often merely changing to a comfortable shoe and giving the foot more rest will relieve it.

But sometimes a minor operation needs to be performed, in which the doctor injects a few drops of alcohol or phenol to obliterate the bursa
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