Bronchiectasis_NHLBIBronchiectasis is a stretched and dilated condition of the small bronchi in the lungs. It may affect a portion of a lung, the whole lung or both lungs.Much and continuous coughing, especially on lying down and rising, with the expectoration of large quantities of pus like,ill-smelling secretion characterizes this condition.

Bronchiectasis often follows other diseases of the lung, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, lung abscess, whooping cough or pleurisy.It may also be caused by certain occupations, the work of furriers, miners and other jobs involving inhalation of the irritating dust, poverty and general impoverishment of body vitality may cause it.

Improving the general health and arranging a change of the air are of great importance. The patient must clear his lungs by gravity twice a day, lying across the bed and letting his head and body hang down to the floor for ten minutes or longer.

Different methods of injecting the lungs with antiseptics have been employed, operations and collapse of the lungs (pneumothorax) have been tried.These methods are hazardous, to say the least

Present day treatment with penicillin, streptomycin or finely powdered penicillin inhalation is more satisfactory, involving  none of the hazards attending collapse or excision of the parts of the lungs

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