Agranulocytosis is a diseased condition characterized by death and destruction of the white blood cells, especially the polymorphonuclear leucocytes which comprise 70% of the white blood cells and are the ones which destroy the germs attacking the body.If the body loses them, it is no longer protected against infections

That is why some patients suffering from this condition develop infections and ulcerations in mouth and throat.Destruction of the white blood cells is caused mostly by poisonous drugs, as the coal tar derivatives aspirin, phenacitin,acetanilide, the wondrous sulfa drugs, the barbiturates, phenobarbital, amytal,allonal,nembutal, seconal and the host of other "als"
Hyperthyroid Medication

Destruction of the white blood cells is also caused by "dinitrophenol" used for obesity cures alcohol which needs no introduction as a popular poison, arsenic and last but not least gold.

You are all familiar with gold as a cause of human woes, but you may not know that it is used as a medicine to treat arthritis, not that it helps the arthritis any.

Infectious diseases and starvation may cause agranulocytosis. As you know, some people starve themselves for the pleasure of the keeping slim, and if, in addtion, they find a kindly doctor who supplies them with dinitrophenol or amphetamine pills,agranu;ocytosis is a sure winner.

In that case, it is no wonder that some women who have put themselves on such a reducing regimen have reduced themselves to the nether depths

Anyway, there is greater hope for recovery nowadays even for the severer cases of agranulocytosis, by getting liver injections, blood transfusions, nucleic acid preparations, and large doses of penicillin to prevent and cure infections and ulcerations that may appear before the white blood cells have regenerated.

Even so, you will be better off not to consume any poisonous drugs and not to improverish your blood by agranulocytosis
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