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Tuberculosis infectious disease

Tuberculosis-x-ray-1slowly but surely the treatment of tuberculosis is being revolutionized.while some of the dictums of the older treatments.diet, rest, fresh air, and a disciplined hygienic mode of living will always remain the basis of dealing with this disease, the added prompt effectiveness of new wonder drugs is already recognized

Besides the use of antibiotics, as streptomycin and its related compounds Chloromycetin, Aureomycin, Terramycin which are of very great curative value in many TB cases, some newer drugs have recently been found to be effective in arresting and shortening the ravages of this disease.The newer drugs are derived from the Vitamin B Complex Niacin, and are known as Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazines, and produced under the trade names of Nydrazid,Rimifon and Marsalid.The use of these drugs is still in the experimental state,but there seems to be no doubt of their ability to effect a good many cures, even in the most advanced stages of the disease, accomplishing this unusual feat in a rather short period of time.

As and if the treatment of tuberculosis by these new drugs will become established, or more useful ones found, some of the present day treatment especially the so called surgical treatments of lung collapse (pneumotjorax,pneumo-peritoneum, and excision of the lung may become obsolete.

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