Salt free diet

A saltless diet is of great curative value in many local and systemic diseases. Where edematous swellings are associated with heart disease, kidney disease or pregnancy, the saltless diet is of utmost importance. In neurasthenia associated with insomnia the  saltless diet has allayed nervous excitement and helped the patient enjoy sound sleep.

The salt free diet in conjunction with the rice diet is of some value in high blood pressure. In some chronic and obscure skin diseases,like psoriasis ,lupus and pemphigus, the salt free diet in conjunction with the rice , milk and fruit juice diet has often brought good results.

Of course , in a satless diet all preserved, canned,pickled, smoked and spiced foods must be excluded, and so must salted butter and cheese. Even a saltless bread can now be purchased on the market. Unleavened bread or matzos are absolutely saltless. Neocurtasal  a salty combination that does not contain any table salt (sodium chloride),can be used to season the food by those who must have their food salted
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