The pylorus is the lower, outgoing end of the stomach which connects with the first portion of the bowel (duodenum). the pyloric end of the stomach possesses only mucus-secreting glands.The digestive juices, hydrochloric acid and pepsin, are secreted by the upper part of the stomach or by the cardiac end, as it is called.When the food of a meal is pretty well digested, the pyloric end opens at regular intervals and forcefully ejects part of the semiliquid mixture into the duodenum.

When the food is too irritating, greasy or spicy, the pyloric end of the stomach becomes rebellious and spasmatic, and this is what makes a person feel a most excruciating and burning pain in the pit of the stomach.You cannot mistake this pain because it comes at regular intervals of a few minutes a part and stays right in one spot

When such pains come often or every day, they are likely to have a more serious cause than merely irritating food.Extreme nervous upset may cause painful contractions of the pylorus.This , of course, can be readily relieved by calming down and developing a more optimistic attitude toward things in general.Otherwise stomach X-ray should be taken to exclude gastric ulcer.
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