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Leukimia is sometimes called cancer of the white blood cells, simply because doctors know as little about it as aboutcancer, also because there is overformation and overmultiplication of the white blood cells, just as in cancer there is an overgrowth of other tissue cells or of entirely foreign cells.there are several varieties of leukimia according to where the disease starts

in youngsters it usually starts in the boine marrow where the white blood cells are formed and carried into the blood in undeelop states and in fantastic numbers.The child suddenly develops hemorrhages from the mouth, nose and bowels, he will run a high temperature and become severely anemic.In acute leukimia while there is an immense increase in white blood cells, the red blood cells become greatly reduced in number , aside from the loss by hemorrhages.

In older persons leukimia starts insiduosly and develops as a chronic condition.the lymphatic glands all over the body become gradually enlarged, the patient becomes weak and exhausted. the enlarged glands induce pressure symptoms in various parts of the body.In all cases of leukimia the spleenbecomes greatly enlarged, later the liver also becomes enlarged

How can treatment be rendered in these cases when the nature of the disease is not known. to be sure, operations are performed and x-ray and radium are used,but wether it does the patient any good at all is highly questionable. he may be better off without these highsounding treatments if he is just given thorough care and symptomatic treatment leukimia
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