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Hydrotherapy Medical Treatment

hydroterapyHydrotherapy is the use of water in treatment of disease such as colon hydrotherapy.the most common way in which water is so used the talking of hot drinks in case of a cold or in case of experiencing a chill. Hot water taken into the stomach warms the body only slightly by the added heat, but there is also reflex stimulation of the nerveous system by the hot water coming into contact with the inner lining of the stomach.

A hot bath can raise an unusually high temperature in some peoople who have a very sensitive nervous system, not so much by the heat of the bath, as by the reflex response and the stimulation of the circulation . Such people should not stay on a hot tub for very long or better still should take only moderately warm baths.

Sponging a fever patient with cool water to reduce his temperature is an other commons use for water in the treatment of the sick.If the patient, who in spite of his high fever, has a pale blood less looking skin, the sponge should be followed by a gentke rubdown to produce a reaction in the skin. Some apparently healthy people who are anemic do not react well to cold baths.They will show no reaction, but their lips and fingernails will turn blue.This type should not indulge in a cold bathing,but should rather have a check-up on their general health and in particular on their poorly acting skin condition

Water is used in the form of compresses, packs , baths, douches, enemas and sprays.All these uses in particular instances are suggested in this book under the different diseases

Generally, the warm bath or warm application acts beneficially on the body. A bath at body temperature or slightly below, not lower tahn 98 degree F,will relax the body, relieve fatigue and soothe the nervous system, if kept up for as long a period as onehour or longer.Even for the purpose of "hardening" against catching cold, short hot baths of a temperature of 104 to 105 degree F.for five minutes, or at body temperature for long periods, will accomplish better results than cold baths


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