Halitosis part two

This article is  continued in part one about bad breath halitosis part one
Use pure,medicinal,precipitated chalk (calcium carbonate, plus 1/3 by weight) of magnesium oxide, flavored with oil of peppermint, or any flavor you like (one drop to the ounce) as a tooth powder in preference to tooth paste or powder for which extravagant claims to accomplish wonders for your mouth and teeth are made.

Some advice adding soap to the calk, but this should not be done as soap is too irritating to most persons gums and teeth to be used every day. However , if you wish to use soap in your mouth once in a while, you can touch the moistened toothbrush on a clean soap cake before dipping it into the toothpowder. Do not inhale while the dry powder is in your mouth, it is injurious to the lungs.

Bacteria and the fermentation of retained food particles, besides causing inflamed and infected gums, also produce lactic acid which corrodes the enamel of the teeth leading to the formation of cavities through which bacteria gain entrance to the roots and pulps of the teeth.In either case the teeth are destroyed and lost, sometimes very early in life.To prevent that:

  1. Have frequent examination of the teeth by competent and honest dentist and have prompt repair of any damage or defect

  2. Consume a balanced and adequate diet from early childhood on through life and

  3. Observing daily hygienic care of the mouth and what goes into the mouth are essential

Thus your desire to avoid bad breath will also prevent tooth destuction.Neglect of scrupulous daily cleansing  of the mouth is  the chief cause of disagreeable mouth odor as i said before.Other causes of bad breath are:

  1. Infections in the mouth

  2. Infected tonsils

  3. infection in nose and adjoining sinuses

  4. Indigestion, fermentation and putrefaction in the stomach and intestines

  5. Diseases of the lungs and other organic diseases

  6. Ingestion of certain foods and drugs.

continued in halitosis part three
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