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Halitosis part three

Infections of the mouth, nose and sinuses should be promptly attended to.These conditions can now be cured with the use of penicillin locally and systemically.Badly infected tonsils should be removed, and the diet corrected in gastrointestinal disturbances.Those suffering from lung and other organic diseases have to await the outcome of their treatments for these diseases.Scrupulous hygiene of the mouth, will, of course, give much relief temporarily in all cases.

Drugs,such as the bromides, iodides and arsenic preparations, not only cause disagreeable odors, but may also cause inflammation of the gums, loosening of the teeth, and boils and eruptions all over the body.Never take these drugs or any other drugs and medicinal preparations on the advice of your friends or druggist.

Take them only when prescribed by an honest doctor when absolutely necessary in certain diseases.Honest doctors prescribe powerful drugs very discriminately and infrequently.Of the foods that cause disagreeable mouth odors, onion, garlic, radish and mustard are the most common.Garlic should be used only in minute quantities, merely as a flavoring in cooking.Onions, radish and mustard may be used raw in small amounts without causing disagreeable mouth or body odor.Cooked, broiled or fried onions may be indulged in indiscriminately without causing disagreeable mouth or body odors.

Raw onions, raw or cooked garlic, raw radish, mustard, pepper and all other spices are very irritating to the mucous membranes of the mouth,Throat and gastro-intestinal tract, and positively injurious to the kidneys.Onions and garlic have never cured colds or any other diseases.the superstition has probably arisen from the observation in earliest times that fruits and vegetables are necessary to good health.But we know now that lettuce, tomatoes and other pleasantly -smelling fruits and vegetables high in minerals and vitamins will produce as good and better result and will give the mouth and the entire body a pleasant fragrance
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