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Gingivitis Disease treatment

Gingivitis disease treatment  is an inflamation of the gums which may be caused by infections in the mouth, by decayed teeth, by decayed teeth, by deposits of tartar gettiing in between the gums and teeth,thus separating the gum from the teeth and cause iritation, inflamation and infection.Gingivitis may also be the result of systemic poisoning by various metals such as lead, arsenic or mercury and of such systemic diseases as scurvy, diabetes and syphi;lid.poor, deficient diets will cause it

The gums become red, sore and swollen, very often they bleed and exude pus.The treatment consists of attending to the condition or the disease causing it.Let the dentist attend to any trouble you may have with your teeth.To take care  of  the gum condition ,use a mouthful of diluted peroxide, half and half with water, keeping it in your mouth for a few minutes, then follow by repeated rinsing with a hot solution of salt or baking soda ( a teaspoonful to a glass of this water). Use up at least a whole glass of this solutions. after the rinsing paint the gums with mercurochrome particularly around the edges. Rinse every two hours, use the mercurochrome once a day, and the peroxide only once to begin with before every rinsing.If there is pus, use the mercurochrome every time following the rinsing until the pus disappears.The pharmacopeial preparation, "liquor Antisepticus" is pleasant preparation for rinsing
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