Gastric underacidity

Lack of the normal hydrochloric acid is the stomach is of common occurrence in young adults as well as in middle-aged and elderly people.There is a decline in acid secretion with age.Lack of hydrochloric acid secretion occurs in nervous and hysterical people,as well as in the anemic and in people who loathe food.

Normal people should be able to enjoy  any food that is fresh, clean and nourishing.Those who have become accustomed, during childhood or adolescence, to turn their noses up and be picky about the usual foods offered in their homes grow up with dislikes for such essentials as milk, butter, eggs and green vegetables, with resultant deficiencies in nutrition and body secretions

The symptoms are loss of appetite, loss of weight, general weakness, fullness after meals,bleaching and heartburn in spite of the fact that they have no acid in their stomachs.Because of the lack of hydrochloric acid, the food ferments easily in the stomach producing heart burn and even painful contractions.

The treatment consist in adopting a very smooth,roughage-free diet of whole wheat bread toast or whole wheat crackers, not more than one slice of bread or four crackcers at one meal,small portions of oatmeal,wheatena or brown rice,milk,eggs, the white meat of chicken, lamb chops or fish, also in small portions.Most fat should be removed from the chicken or lamb.Have pureed vegetables and jello or gelatin flavored with fruit,also orange juice in three-ounce portions after meals.The daily menu is to consist of five small meals
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