Epithelioma is a tumorous growth and ulceration of the skin, finally attacking the deeper tissues. It begins with a pimple-like growth (papule) which breaks, discharges a dirty brown excretion and ulcerates deeply.

This may appear on the genital organs, face,eyelid, lip or tongue. Pipe smokers are especially prone to it because of constant irritation of the lip from the hot, tobacco soaked stem.

Tobacco smoke ,like all smoke, contains tarry substance which are cancerogenic. ill fitting dentures causing irritation of the tongue may start an epithelioma. Excessive exposure to sunlight may begin epithelioma of the skin. These tumors usually form in people past middle age, but younger people are not exempt from all kinds of tumors.

Keeping irritation from all parts of the skin will prevent epithelioma. An epithelioma should receive prompt attention and eradication. Epitheliomas are the one type of tumors which respond to x-ray and radium treatment if attended to early
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