Enemas are used not only for assisting in the evacuation of the bowel, but for many other purposes.Anesthetic, sedative drugs, nourishment, can be introduced into the rectum by enemas with very benefical effect.Stimulating enemas are often useful when the stimulant cannot be given by mouth, as in cases of shock when strong, sweetened coffe should be administered in cupful quantities.

A tablespoon of brandy or whiskey sweetened and diluted in water or coffee may be used. A nourishment enema can be made of milk or beef juice with an egg stirred into it ( don't beat the egg). or milk and well-cooked strained cereal which has been sweetened may also be used.These enemas, given for retention, should be warm and administered in small quantities ( not more than cupful).

They should be introduced slowly while the patient is on his back. A funnel and catheter may be employed for this purpose or an enema bag. If a bag is used, suspend it no higher than a foot above the body level.  A napkin is held tightly against the rectum to help retention of the liquid in the bowel

Enemas for bowel evacuation need not be taken while lying down, but can be self-administered while sitting on the toilet seat - unless ghiven ta a fever patient, when it must be administered in bed while the person is on a bedpan.

The nozzzle of an enema should always be well lubricated with vaseline or cold cream and inserted carefully, without using force, in a left-and-backward direction to prevent injury to the bowel

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