Diffusion is the process whereby liquids pas through a membrane from a source of less concentration until the concentration of dissolved substances is equalized on both sides. The physical process enables the body cells to absorb fluids from the lymph or give up the same to the lymph.

Diffusion also refers to the mixing together of various gases or liquids when brought into contact with each other

Digestant is substance which helps the digestion of food, as diastase, hydrochloric acid, pepsin or pancreatin. Digestants are prescribed to be taken with or after meals

Digestion is the breakdown and preparation of food by the mouth, stomach, intestines and related organs, to make it fit for absorption by the blood and lymph vessels so it can be distributed to all body cells and be oxidized, or used as repair material

The eating and digestion of food are closely associated with the elimination of its indigestible portion. Eating a relishing, hearty meals helps both digestion and elimination, because the 28 feet of the digestive tract beginning with the mouth and ending with the anus are actually one continuous canal, with a few distended portions ( the stomach and large intestine). Every part of digestive canal has definite functions, and under normal condition all the parts act in perfect rhythm and harmony
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