Cervicitis is an inflammation of the outer end or vaginal opening (cervix) of the womb (uterus). Such inflammation is often caused by gonorrheal infection of the vagina and the external genitals. It is evidenced by a copious yellowish or greenish discharge from the vagina and itching and burning sensation especially on urination,sometimes there is also a sense of bearing down and straining, and pains and cramps on urination and after.

The patient may run a temperature or not,but when the other symptoms are present or even when there is only an unusual pus-like discharge, it should receive prompt examination and treatment by a physician

The only way to determine the nature and cause of the symptoms is by having a laboratory examination of the specimen of the discharge (smear). Many cases of cervicitis and vaginitis with a heavy disagreeable discharge may be caused by less virulent bacteria than the gonorrhea germ or by parasites like the  "trichomona vaginalis" and cause very annoying symptoms

While the consequences of this type of cervicitis are not as dangerous as those of the gonorrheal, it should nevertheless be taken care of and cured just a promptly. Most of these milder cases are caused by the bowel bacteria (colon bacillus).

While gonorrheal infections are caused by sexual contact, the other infections mentioned are due to careless personal hygiene

Some cases of cervicitis stem from laceration of the cervix after childbirth, in addition to poor hygiene. In this last type after the acute symptoms are relieved, the cervix may need cauterization or sutures according to your doctor's advice
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