Celiac disease

Celiac means anything pertaining to the abdomen, and celiac disease is an abdominal or rather intestinal disease affecting infants and young children, characterized by an inability to digest or assimilate starches and fats.

The cause is unknown. The symptoms are loss of weight, diarrhea, or just voluminous, colorless, and foul smelling stools, often frothy and soapy-looking ,fever and enlarged abdomen

The treatment consists in excluding all starch and fat from the child's diet for about six months to a year. These patients can tolerate only three articles of food : protein milk, corn syrup and bananas

The milk may be given in the form of lactic acid milk or protein milk from which the cream has been removed. Bananas can be given fresh and very ripe,or as dried flakes (kanana brand). After two- three weeks of this diet ,the white of egg, cottage cheese, juice of lean meats,orange juice, but no other starchy foods or vegetables , may be added one at a time on different days.

All wheat and wheat products , and especially gluten bread made of wheat gluten , must absolutely be excluded.  Always watch when trying out  a new food, if it doesn't agree, stop it immediately. Potatoes and sugars should not be offered until the child has outgrown the abnormal condition
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