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Bunion Disease

Bunion disease An inflammation of the bursa of the big toe is called bunion. it follows the wearing of ill-fitted shoes, particularly when a person with a wide foot wears narrow, pointed shoes. These pull the tip of the toe outward causing injury, inflammation and swelling of the bone, bursa and joint at the base of the toe. If you change to a wide, roomy-toed shoe, as soon as pain, redness, and swelling appear at base of the big toe, the condition may cure itself.

Strangely enough, people suffering with this condition will insist that their shoes are comfortable and not the cause of their trouble. If not relieved the bursa calcifies, the bone thickens greatly, whereupon the suffering and crippling of the feet increase in proportion. When this stage is reached, operation is the cure.

In the early stage nightly bathing of the feet, then application of a  compress of diluted Burow's solution for the night, and last but not least important widetoed shoes are urgently requierd to acomplish a cure.
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