Bells Palsy disease

Facial paralysis or neuritis of the facial nerve is also called Bell's Palsy disease.The affected side of the face becomes expressionless, losing its lines due to a drooping of the facial muscles.The mouth is drawn toward the healthy side.The eyelids droop or may be unable to close .Pain behind the ear is often mistaken for earache.

Bells palsy disease is caused by severe chilling and draughts of air directed at the head, and by focal infections such as running ears, infected teeth or infected tonsils.It may be associated with injuries or diseases of the head and infections of the nervous system.But most often its occurs in otherwise healthy individuals who are indiscreet about their general hygiene,diet, alcohol and exposure to cold

The treatment consist in applying heat to the affected side of the face and especially behind the ear. Allow this area to get heated to redness, but do not cause a burn.Use an infra-red lamp, hot salt bag, or the moist heat by hot compresses.Support the sagging side of the face with adhesive strapping.Keep the bowels open and eat an adequate nourishing diet.After two weeks,treatment with a galvanic electric current is helpful

The following prescription is advisable during the first week or two

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