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Bedsores treatment

Bedsores treatment usually appear in patients confined to bed for long periods, more so in the eldely and in those suffering from some form of paralysis.the best way to prevent them is to move the patient frequently, turning him from side to side.

Gently massage the parts pressed upon, sponge with alcohol and apply cold cream or talcum.keep patients and invalids in bed as little as possible.Have them sit up and be up and about as much as possible.If possible, get them to engage in some light work or hobby, which will keep their circulation  active and avoid bedsores.

Cleanlines and frequent changes of the bedclothes are of prime importance in preventing bedsores.Attention to the patient's nutrition with an adequate diet is another item in the prevention of this serious complication

Treat bedsores as soon as you notice redness of the skin , by relieving pressure and by massaging the deeper tissue.Do not massage the sore skin, it may crack.keep the hand steady on the skin, while moving the deeper tissues.

Put a pinch of alum in the alcohol, or sponge with witch hazel which is a mild astringent. Zinc oxide ointment can be applied to the sore skin after sponging and the skin covered with soft gauze. If the skin is denuded, use penicillin ointment to prevent infection
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