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Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin (B.C.G)

Bacillus of calmettw and guerin is a vaccine used to immunize people against tuberculosis. The initials stand for the discoverers of this  vaccine, Calmette and Guerin. These great doctors found that the "bacillus of calmette and guerin" could be attenuated and devitalized.

The germ is virulent to cattle and also to men, and using it as a vaccine can somehow bring about immunity to tuberculosis

In cooperation with the health departments of states and cities, the united states public health service plans to immunize large sections of our population, people particularly susceptible to tuberculosis doctors, students, nurses who come in contact with tuberculosis people, and the inhabitants of slum areas where tuberculosis often prevails.

Because of the great reduction in the mortality from tuberculosis in the united States since the beginning of the century, health authorities had previously thought vaccination against it unnecessary, but the general opinion now is that the segments of the population that are most exposed to the ravages of tuberculosis should be vaccinated.

However, disease prevention ought to be accomplished by the surest,safest and most reasonable means, which includes improved personal and public hygiene and sanitation, enlightenment of the population on these matters,better housing and a generally raised standard of living. But before the millennium arrives we will need vaccination

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